Yann Sommer



Yann Sommer is one of the most successful soccer goalkeepers Switzerland has ever produced, and the record holder in this position in the national team. He has also served as goalkeeper for Borussia Mönchengladbach in the German Bundesliga since 2014 – an important chapter in an extraordinary career. From his very first training session at the age of five, Sommer has proven to be a trusted and valued backstop.

On and off the pitch, a sense of responsibility and reliability are the values that define this top athlete. “My job is to play a sport, and that is my great joy every single day. Doing my part to contribute to the success of a team – being part of a greater whole – is what drives me,” says Sommer about his attitude to sport and life.

As the national team’s goalkeeper, Sommer is fully aware of his status as a role model – a responsibility he takes seriously but also with a healthy dose of humor, which is essential for staying relaxed. “As a perfectionist, I want to get a little better every day, to keep pushing the limits of my own physical and mental capabilities a little further,” he says. 

The goalkeeper is not only both a caring family man and a soccer player full of passion for his sport – he is also interested in the world outside of the stadium, and has a particular enthusiasm for music, photography and architecture.

One of Sommer’s most important principles in life is to live in the moment. No matter what he is doing at any given moment, he gives it his full attention: as a teammate, as a husband and father, and as a business partner. 

“Discipline has always been one of my great strengths, but to be successful, you also need passion and a burning desire to succeed. That’s what gives me the energy for every training session, every game and everything else that life has in store.”

To be fully present and ready at any moment is the essence of a goalkeeper. In Sommer’s case, it is also the core of his personality, making him a truly authentic figure.